Nо-Till Technology ?

On this page we will try to describe the priorities of using Nо-Till Technology.

The main principle of the No-Till system is to use the natural processes that occur in the soil. The supporters of Nо-Till technology believe that the traditional plowing is not only unnecessary but also harmful for the soil. Untilled field is penetrated by billions of stubble tunnels or capillaries left by the roots of annual plant and the results of different organisms’ activity at depths down to 1-2 meters. Through these subtle but deep tunnels the soil saturates with moisture, and in the winter the soil freezes and breaks the capillaries thus there is the process of natural loosening and oxygen saturation of the soil. According to traditional processing technology, the soil is prepared for sowing by machine tilling. As a result the soil is handled in order to create homogeneous seedbed soil suitable use conventional seeders. The main thing of traditional plowing is process of soil is to mix the harvesting residues as well as weeds cleaning of the fields. However, the traditional plowing process leads to soil erosion and soil degradation as well as it needs considerable investment of time, resources and workforce. No-Till system is based on the rejection of plowing process which means cost-effectiveness. This cost-effectiveness is one of the main positive factors as well as environmentally and soil friendly factor.

The No Till technology involves rejection of soil plowing, sowing in stubble, the use of cover crops and competent use crop rotation. The entire work is performed by seeder "SIVA" C3M 3.6 No-Till technology. This grain seeding machine cuts crop residues, distributes them into the soil, makes a desirable furrow depth, neatly plants seeds and closes the seedbed.
No-Till technology has a particularly important role in farming due to crop rotation, which contribute to the incidence of crop debris mitigation, elimination of problems associated with pests, soil fertility increasing and land profitability.

The main advantages of modern farming Till No technology are:

- resources saving - fuel, labor, time.
- reduction of depreciation costs.
- decrease the complexity of the process of restoration and preservation of fertile soil layer reduction or even complete prevention of soil erosion.
- accumulation of moisture in the soil, which is especially important in the conditions of our region.
- the increase of harvest due to above mentioned factors.

In many well developed countries Till No technology is wildly used for cultivating, for example in Canada 50% is cultivated using No-Till.

The importance of implementation of No-Till is constantly growing in Ukrainian steppes regions which are traditionally associated with areas of "risky agriculture". Saving moisture in the soil is the main task in this climate zone. The best examples of No-Till technology are well developed in our grain seeding machine "SIVA" C3M 3.6 No-Till that will allow you to retain soil moisture, withstand the seed depth moisture and get fair young crops

Interesting video of No-Till technology

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