How to buy a SIVA grain seeding machine in Ukraine:

You can buy a grain seeding machine “Siva” No. SPM 3.6-Till technology here.

The significant factor which determines the profitability of agro-industrial enterprises is the successful acquisition of high-quality agricultural equipment. Choosing the equipment it is important to consider environment where equipment will be used, the purpose of its use, the possibility of its parts repair and replacement, as well as quality-to-price ratio.

The mechanical grain seeding machine "Siva" No. SPM 3.6-Till technology is reliable and proven equipment in the domestic conditions.

Among the most important issues affecting the company choice, where you can buy grain seeder, is the question of price. The price depends on such factors as the production costs, cost of materials, etc. And of cause all retailers want their benefits. The best price is the price of the manufacturer, so if you want to buy a seeding machine buy it directly here.

The price includes the delivery of the seeder to your farm or agro holding.
You can directly buy it from our website just click contacts - there you will find our e-mail address, telephones and fax.
If at the time the order the seeder is out of stock, you can order in advance and in 2 month you seeding machine will be ready.

Terms of Payment

For the purchase of our seeders you can:

- Paying in full;
- Paying by installments;
- Bank loan.

Your experienced and highly trained staff will find the best option for you. You can always count on individual approach to you as a customer.

For us your customers are long term partners and our staff is always ready to advise you on specification peculiarities and operation activities, stock status of the equipment and spare parts, cost, terms of manufacturing and delivery.

In 2015 our seeding machine got the state certification