Performance specification

The mechanical grain seeding machine "SIVA" C3M 3.6 No-Till technology is used for sowing grain crops of various kinds. Grain seeding machine "SIVA" SPM 3.6 has the small-seeded grain crops hopper installation capability (an additional option).

Furthermore, if there is no need for fertilizer, the seed hopper capacity can be easily increased opening up separating partitions.
If you choose equipment like grain seeding machine, the price plays a significant role. As for large agri production, as well as for small farms grain seeding machine “SIVA" SPM 3.6 would be the most profitable solution. The benefits of grain seeding machine “SIVA” are affordability, unit’s high quality. As well as combinability with tractors of 1,4 (80 hp-hr) class. The price on grain seeding machine which, have some similarities in design varies considerably from vendor to vendor. Buying seeding machine “SIVA” C3M 3.6 No-Till technology you will use the equipment completely adapted to the domestic operation and maintenance conditions, that distinguishes it from foreign analogs.

The price of our grain seeding machine will pay off significantly faster than you may expect. "SIVA" gives the best results on fields that do not have double furrow or back furrow, fields with stony soil, boulders, and large stones. High performance of the grain seeding machine is provided on the soil with the moisture content of up 20%. Using “SIVA" there is no need of soil pre-sowing treatment (stubble cleaning).

You will surely decide to choose our grain seeding machine "SIVA" after getting acquainted with its performance specification presented below:

The main units of the grain seeding machine:

- The grain seeding machine working widths of this model is 3.6 m.
- One-piece frame with 19 ploughshares and disk coulters arranged in staggered rows.
- Support-driven and the running wheels.
- 2 grain and fertilizer box (hoppers), a hopper for grain contains up to 875 liters and a fertilizer hopper for mineral pelletized fertilizer (solid fertilizer) up to 400 liters with a drive mechanism.
- A control gear for seeds dropping.
- A drawbar hitch.
- Regulated planting width.

Specification of grain seeding machine "SIVA" C3M 3.6 No-Till technology

Working/ transport width

3600/4600 mm

The size of grain / seeds box (hopper)

875 L

The size of fertilizer box (hopper)

400 L

Number of ploughshares


Number of coulters


Cultivation depth of the coulter

0-100 mm

Depth covering of seed

20-100 mm

Weight of the seeding machine/seeder

3030 kg

Planting width

190 mm

Minimum power level

80 hp-hr

One more reason to buy the grain seeding machine "SIVA" C3M 3.6 No-Till technology is its relatively light weight, which is only 3030 kg, and it provides the equipment mobility and amazing flexibility.

During the online searching process for seeding machines it is important to pay attention to the factor of workers’ safety. The grain seeding machine "SIVA" C3M 3.6 No-Till technology corresponds to the highest standards and ensures the safety of work, furthermore, it is reliable in use andeasy to manage. The important feature to mention is that this equipment is adopted to move by  1,4 class tractors on public roads at speeds up to 20 km / h and meets the standards of road safety.

The price of high-quality, reliable, and high-tech seeder WS 3.6, which suits you the price - a grain seeder "SIVA" C3M 3.6 No-Till technology is the real bargain. The painstaking work of a highly professional team of designers and engineers on the creation of equipment, high test results in agricultural activity will allow you not only to recoup the cost, but will also provide you a higher yield of your agricultural production.