Seeder Siva - a success story

Siva Nova seederIn 2014, the company Kapitalpromresurs, together with the Special Technological Equipment Plant of PJSC Electrotechnology, with the support of the farm Gratsia, started the production of grain mechanical seed drills Siva. During the year, a team of experienced designers, technologists, farmers and agronomists worked hard to create a grain planter, which works on the technology No-Till. The tests carried out in the fields of the farm "Gratsia" showed excellent results in seed germination, simplicity and reliability of the design of the "Siva" seed drill 3.6 No-Till technology.

сеялка Сива НоваThe name "Siva" was chosen by our team not by chance. As we know from Slavic mythology, the god Siva is the god of sowing, harvest and cattle. To date, the model range is represented by 3 seeders: "Siva SZM 3.6", "Siva Nova 3.6", "Siva Nova 3.0".

Siva mechanical seed drills are designed for sowing all types of grain crops using the classic, No-Till and Mini-Till technologies. A clear advantage of our seeders is the possibility of simultaneously using dry mineral fertilizers and rolling. If there is no need to apply any fertilizer, the capacity of the seed hopper can be easily increased by opening the separating partitions. You can install a bunker for small seed crops as an additional technological option.

The construction of the Siva seeders is made up of a one-piece frame. Coulters and coolers are installed on it, which ensure complete copying of uneven surfaces, slopes and turns, while sowing seeds is guaranteed directly into the soil groove treated with a disk (cooler). Circular knives and sowing coulters are staggered.

The low price and aggregation of 65 hp class tractors are the obvious advantages of using the Siva seeders in the large agricultural holdings and small farms.

Seeders "Siva" fully adapted to the domestic conditions of operation and maintenance, which compares favorably with foreign analogues. All threaded connections are metric, and therefore there are no problems during maintenance, repair or quick replacement with new ones. Bearings, cuffs and chains comply with state standards.

Seeders "Siva" do not need pre-treatment, which means:

1. Fuel economy.
2. The release of technology.
3. Savings on the cost of wages to machine operators.
4. Reducing the complexity of the seeding process.
5. Increase sowing speed.

Simple mathematical calculations, based on the arguments described above, will allow you to make sure that the Siva N-Till technology has a quick payback period. The team of Kapitalpromresurs LLC is sure that the Siva seeder will become an indispensable assistant and loyal friend in your farm on the way to getting a good harvest, and high profits.