Beware of fakes

Оригинальная сеялка прямого посева   Our company is very careful about our work, products and reputation that we have earned from our customers for all our work, so we consider it our duty to warn our regular and potential customers about the potential danger of becoming a victim of deception. LLC Kapitalpromresurs values ​​its image, we always try to take a responsible approach to delivering quality products to the market. We very demandingly treat each unit of goods that we manufacture on the Ukrainian market. By purchasing products from the company "Kapitalpromresurs" you can be confident in obtaining a truly genuine and high-quality product. Our company has its own production therefore 100% provides all the necessary spare parts.

    At the AGRO 2019 exhibition, leaflets from Avers-Agro company appeared with copies of photographs of our products, products under the guise of equipment produced by Kapitalpromresource which looks similar to the original and is offered to the consumer under the name GREEN PLAINS DDM-3.6 and GREEN PLAINS DDM-3.

    Kapitalpromresurs LLC is a manufacturer of patented agricultural equipment that has passed state tests and has certificates of conformity.   Be attentive and careful! Official dealers and service centers of the enterprise are listed in the partners section on our official website. Any other manufacturers or sellers of vehicles under our brand are not our representatives and have no relation to our company. Through the use of original drills from our company, we guarantee you a substantial increase in the yield of grain.


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