PCU "SIVA" 6000

Price: 550000 грн.

The company "Kapitalpromresurs" created a pre-sowing compactor designed for surface tillage and the creation of an optimal aligned sowing bed


1. High quality stability of the material of the open profile of the frame ensures a long service life.

2. In one pass, the tractor performs all the operations necessary for pre-sowing preparation. Grinding, leveling, loosening, creating a seed bed to a precisely specified depth (from 2 cm and more), preserving moisture in the soil, rolling the soil layer over the seed bed.

3. A wide range of settings allows you to apply the compactor on different types of soils.

4. The front roller levels the ground, and provides coarse clumps. Next, there are two rows of lancet paws for loosening the soil, which are adjustable in increments of 1.5 cm, the advantage is simple and precise depth control.

5. As a result, the loosened soil is on a solid basis. It is protected by a layer of small lumps, which is the best condition for uniform germination of cultivated plants.

6. The compactor is divided into four sections of 1.5 m, which can independently adapt to the soil horizon. This advantage guarantees an absolutely uniform sowing area.


The method of aggregation trailer
Productivity, ha / h to 6.0
Operating speed, km / h 6-10
Transport speed, km / h  до 20
Working width of capture, m  6.0
Processing depth, cm 2-12
Number of working bodies, pcs. 2
Number of rows of working bodies, pcs. 24
Distance between rows of working bodies, mm 500
Row spacing, mm 250
Number of sections, pcs. 4х1.5 m
Number of cats, pcs. 8
Diameters of cats, mm 270
Weight of the machine, kg 3800
Transport width, mm 3000
Tractor power, hp 160-220




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