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The main task of our company is to work for the consumer. Taking into account the wishes and professional comments of farmers, the company OOO Kapitalpromresurs specially created a seeder for sowing according to No-Till technology.

The range of seeders Siva Agro The mechanical stubble seeders manufactured by our production are used for sowing grain of various kinds. Their versatility is that thanks to them, workers in the agricultural sector have the opportunity to sow all types of grain crops (winter, spring, leguminous, small seeds). The quality of sowing seeds largely determines the yield of agricultural crops. The soil of each individual area has its own agricultural requirements. These requirements must be considered to create optimal conditions for the development of plants. The soil should be processed to the depth of sowing seeds and evenly distribute the seeds necessary for the area of ​​the field. The quality of sowing seeds in the soil depends on their germination and development of plants.

SIVA seeders are equipped with such working adjustments as adjustment of the seeding rate and fertilizer, adjustment of the depth of seed embedding, adjustment of the width and number of spacing. Direct seed drills have the ability to install a bunker for small seed crops, and, in the absence of the need for fertilizer, the seed bunker is easily increased by opening special partitions. Our grain seed drills have the ability to adjust the width of the aisle in the range from 150 to 340 millimeters.

Buy the Siva Planter

If you decide to buy a seeder from the company Kapitalpromresurs, we assure you you have made an absolutely correct choice. Because the grain drills from the company "Kapitalpromresurs" is:

  1. Affordable price for small and medium farms with areas up to 500 hectares of land;
  2. A noutile seeder will allow your farm to increase the yield of all types of cereal crops.
  3. The important thing is that a direct-seeder with no till technology will allow you to save fuel for tractors on the field.

Giving preference in purchasing grain seeders from Kapitalpromresurs LLC, you acquire high quality production and a full guarantee from the manufacturer.

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